How to Make Painless Automobile Purchases with CarWoo!Not everyone can take the bus or train or dirigible to work, so many of us need to burden ourselves with owning vehicles that will get us there and back again every day. Aside from the high cost of the accompanying auto insurance, gasoline, parking fees, and potential for tickets should one drive a little too fast or leave one’s vehicle in the wrong zone, deciding on a car to purchase is a big financial choice that you don’t want to take (or make) lightly. It’s usually one of the largest purchases that you’ll make, second only to a house. Some people enjoy going to dealerships and haggling, but for many of us, that’s an undesirable activity. Even if you do end up being able to take some money off of the list price, you may still feel like you’re getting ripped off in one way or another. Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue with a site called CarWoo! that helps you to buy a new car.

Instead of having to go to dealerships, you just tell CarWoo! all about the car that you want and it then contacts the best local dealers for you. Once the offers come in, you can view and compare them and send feedback to see if you can get a better price. When you see an offer that you’d like to act on, you simply select it, walk into the dealership, and pay the special price without needing to do any additional negotiating. What’s not to like?

Then again, you could always move to a place where riding the bus or the train — or bicycle, if the weather’s nice — to work every day is an option, but that’s a pretty big lifestyle change for a lot of people. Some would simply settle for an easier way to find and buy a car, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Also, it’s easier to avoid the hobos from the safety of a locked (and totally tricked out) Yugo.