How to Use Social Media for Marketing to Watch What Others Are Doing and Do Something NewMarketing with social media enables brands and businesses to utilize countless tools to spread a message in new and original ways. Every day companies are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, blogs, and other mediums to design creative campaigns. While you as a brand may be inclined to use a similar campaign — especially if it is well received — consider watching these creative marketing strategies for inspiration for your own unique marketing concept.

Some of the best social media marketing campaigns executed in recent years have been entirely unique and original. Interactive media campaigns, such as the Old Spice campaign in 2010, was especially well received not just because of its humor and one-liners, but because it utilized several platforms of social media in entirely new ways. Other social media marketing campaigns also found success by being entirely new and unique in concept, such as the Ford Explorer Facebook Reveal campaign in 2010, which built up fanfare in anticipation of the launch of the 2011 Ford Explorer. This campaign attracted 50,000 likes on the campaign’s Facebook page and over 76,000 views on YouTube.

While these campaigns were no doubt original and creative, other companies have tried to recreate the success, only to meet failure. Bently attempted to recreate the “reveal” campaign by Ford with its redesigned 2011 Continental GT with a week-long unveiling on the Web. While Ford’s unveiling generated buzz that can still be heard, Bentley barely created any noticeable discussion or awareness of the new car. Bentley tried to copy a successful idea instead of executing a unique creative campaign that, instead, perhaps was modeled after why Ford found success with its concept instead of how.

When designing a social media marketing campaign, use social media to watch and read about other concepts that work. While copying these creative campaigns will not help you find success, you can leverage the psychology behind the success of campaigns by other brands and businesses to inspire your own new ideas.