How to Use Social Media Marketing to Seed Your Own Unique Ideas and Generate AttentionWhile other companies, brands, and businesses may have new and unique ideas, your business most likely has original concepts of its own. You and your business can use social media to seed these ideas and use your social networks to generate buzz about your ideas. By exposing your business on a variety of social networks, you can introduce your original thoughts to a variety of audiences, which can then proliferate into their own networks. This will help generate attention for your ideas, and on a bigger scale, your business, too.

To generate the most attention for your business or brand, use social media marketing to seed your ideas across a variety of platforms. You can use one aspect of social media — such as a blog post — to express your idea, but then use multiple other platforms to seed this idea. Using this blog post as an example, you will want to utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to share the post with your friends, fans, and followers to direct attention to your blog post. If their reception of your idea is positive, then they will retweet and further share your blog post to attract even more attention to your ideas.

Similarly, if you produce YouTube videos, be sure to promote the videos on all social media channels, utilizing the embed function to share YouTube videos with your blog audience and include them in your business’ Facebook page. As always, make sure you reach your Twitter audience by tweeting about the YouTube videos with a direct link to the YouTube videos. Like other media, should your audience like the YouTube videos, they will share the links to the YouTube videos with their friends and followers, attracting even more attention to your ideas.

Other ways you can seed ideas are via email newsletters and by submitting links to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit, where if the audience finds your ideas popular, they will become hot topics of discussion, drawing more attention to your videos or blog posts.