Hail a Cab on the Internet with CabulousGetting from place to place isn’t always as easy as it could be. While most people seem to drive these days, we’ve all found ourselves, at some point in our lives and for some reason or another, standing on a cold curb in an urban area shouting this magic word into the night that will rescue us and bring us home to warmth and safety:


Despite all of the advancements that have been made with technology, one thing that has pretty much stayed the same until recently is the process of requesting a cab. Hailing a cab that you see is one thing, but requesting a cab when there isn’t one in the immediate area usually requires calling a phone number so that the dispatcher can send one your way, however, that’s pretty lame. These days the Internet and mobile technology have improved how we hail cabs in various ways, and the approach that Cabulous takes gives you the kind of information that an actual cab company would have.

As soon as you arrive at the site, you’ll see a real time map of San Francisco (and soon, possibly another city near you) that has a number of cab avatars moving around. What you’re seeing are actual cabs and where they are in the city. To hail a cab, you just click on the one you want and tell the driver where you are. The iPhone app makes the process especially straightforward because, with its GPS capabilities, it already knows where you are in relation to the driver. If you like a certain driver, then you’ll be able to see when he or she is nearby whenever you’re looking for a cab. As I mentioned before, the service is mainly focused on San Francisco, but it’s expanding and could be in your town before you know it.