Since the release of OS X Lion, Google Chrome users find themselves struggling because their gestures aren’t working with their trackpad. This is because of Lion’s new gesture interface overriding the commands to go back and forth with a three finger gesture. This is fixable and is quite simple, although it will switch around one command that you may use often with the three finger swipe.

Currently, in the default settings for gestures, three finger swipe is used by nothing in the gestures and therefore Apple’s system doesn’t recognize your swiping motion. The trackpad command for swiping between pages is two fingers. This is all right, but Google Chrome doesn’t recognize this, so we must compromise. We will give up swiping between pages with two fingers and change it to three; this will also enable us to use our three finger swipe on all other applications that use it.

To fix this, navigate to System Preferences.

Under Hardware, click on Trackpad.

This will bring you to the gestures interface. Under the three sub-options, click More Gestures.

Make sure that Swipe between pages is checked and click the drop down menu under it.

Select the option that says Swipe left or right with three fingers.

Take a bow, because that’s it! Your three finger gestures are now back to normal as they were before the upgrade to Lion. This is the easiest way, for now, to fix the problem. Google is reportedly fixing this in version 14 of Google Chrome, but that update will not be out for a long time. For all of you new OS X Lion users, gestures are a new thing to get used to over Snow Leopard because our gestures from before have been changed. Give it some time and developers will fix these issues in current and future versions.