Memorials And Tributes - 1000MemoriesI think we all hope that, when our time comes, we”ll leave behind a legacy of some sort that transcends our limited human lifespan and allows us to last beyond our days — living on in the memories of others is probably the closest anyone will come to cheating death. Aside from having a creative epitaph etched in one’s tombstone that future generations can visit and ponder long after one’s passing, the most meaningful memories and interactions will only live on as long as those who shared these experiences document them in some way, or they will, too, be lost to the ever-marching cadence of time.

Even when a death is foreseen (as in the case of a long illness), a life cut short is a tragedy. When someone dies. It’s tough for the family, but it’s also tough for all of the people who knew the individual and enjoyed their company. Funerals are held to honor and remember someone who has died, but once they’re over, the memories certainly don’t go away. Everyone who was close to someone that died has memories and stories about the individual that can live on, and 1000Memories gives people a dedicated place on the Internet to remember the life of a loved one.

Not only can family members write about the person and share pictures, stories, videos, and even audio, but the friends who knew them can comment and add what they have to share to make it a truly social and collaborative remembrance. The information is presented in a simple and respectful way, and having all of this content in one place is truly something that everyone will appreciate. Each person’s life is made up of a collection of moments, and while you may not be able to collect all of them, you’ll certainly be able to collect some of the most memorable ones.