How to Use Social Media for Business to Scout for Future TalentRecruiting no longer belongs to HR professionals and headhunters on contract. A business or brand armed with the right social media tools can just as easily scout for future talent. If you’re recruiting for new employees, your company can use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find your future employees.

LinkedIn is the social network designed for scouting future talent. LinkedIn allows users to post a virtual resume and connect with past and present colleagues and others they have done business with. Users of LinkedIn can search for other users by keywords, job titles, or employers, or just browse by connection to others. As a business using social media, you can use LinkedIn and these tools to search for future talent whether you want to fill specific roles or find talent that has previously worked for specific companies.

Twitter is also a great way to scout for future talent. Twitter is equipped with an advanced search function that makes it easy to look for tweets that include certain keywords or hashtags, look for tweets from certain accounts or mentioning certain accounts names, or look for tweets with a certain sentiment. You can also search the profile keywords of people by using the Who to Follow tool and search for specific keywords. Choosing specific keywords you are looking for in specific talent, whether a title or interest, can help you use Twitter to scout for future talent.

Facebook can also be used to help scout for future talent, but requires a wide personal network to tap into on behalf of your business. If you are looking for future employees, consider reaching out to other professionals in your networked connected to individuals who may be interested in a new position. While you may not want to contact individuals directly to avoid being perceived as aggressive, nor do you want to contact other hiring managers directly so as not to develop a reputation as being predatory, networking with others in your industry can help you know when someone may be interested in leaving their current job.

Using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as tools for recruiting can help you utilize social media marketing as a business for scouting for new talent.