Scott Carpency asks: We all know Google Chrome and how stable it is and how well it runs. Chromium is the developer app. What can we as a community do with Chromium? Do we just test out the new beta updates or can we do something unique with it?

Brandon Wirtz responds:

“What’s the difference between Chrome and Chromium? They’re both Google-based projects, but Chromium is actually an open source version of Chrome, and is the development build of Chrome. So it’s actually got the new features before they hit actual Chrome.

Chrome Vs. Chromium“I run Chromium not because I’m interested in the new features, but because I’m paranoid about Google. Chrome actually has built-in user metrics and error reporting. And if you don’t block those reports back via your firewall or a proxy or something like that, anonymous information is recorded about you and sent to Google as part of Chrome.

“Well, I don’t view it as that anonymous, and so I’m a little paranoid. So I run Chromium so that I get the features of Chrome, but I don’t have that usage metrics sent back to Google.”

Okay, so maybe Brandon didn’t really answer the question. But how do you feel about Google? Is it a benevolent force for good that shines down like nurturing sunlight over the denizens of the Internet, or is it a shady Big Brother figure that watches our every move and hoards the data we send its way for potentially nefarious uses to which only it is currently privy? Or is its true nature somewhere smack dab in the middle? Whether your sympathies lean one way or the other, maybe Brandon’s right; maybe being paranoid is the wise choice when you just don’t really know what Google’s aims are. The same could be said for any person, place, or thing that spies on you for unknown purposes.

Or maybe Google just really, really likes you?

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