Recently the founder of Acer made a statement that tablet computers were just a fad and are not a formidable force to take seriously. His opinion was that companies such as his need to come up with new and innovative ideas to make notebooks more attractive to the masses. While I believe the father of Acer is an very intelligent man who has a world class operation in manufacturing computer products, calling the tablet computer a fad is putting one’s head in the sand.

Here are my reasons why I disagree that tablet computers are a fad:

Anything but an Apple iPad may be a fad, but Apple has an award winning tablet computer that is here to stay. In one recent projection, in which it reflected an additional rise in Apple’s stock prices for 2012, it is estimated that Apple will sell about 54 million iPads in 2012. Don’t misunderstand my thinking. Tablet computers are not, I repeat not, a full fledged substitute for a laptop or desktop computer. However, tablet computers are a serious companion to the traditional desktop and laptop computer that we currently use.

Putting Your Head in the Sand Won't Make Tablet Computers Go AwayWhat is ironic is that the last CEO of Acer was forced to resign because it was alleged that he did not do enough to get Acer into the tablet and mobile market. Which makes one wonder, was it the CEO that failed to grab onto mobile and tablet computing, or was it other powers from within the company that failed? Predicting the success or failure of any electronic device is not done by CEOs but by us, the consumers. We decide which products we are willing to spend our money on.

Though many of the major companies like Acer, Samsung, Motorola, and HP — just to name a few — have tried to compete against the Apple iPad, thus far none of them have succeeded. I believe that, by calling tablet computers a fad, you are trying to place the tablet computer in the same category as a hula hoop. One could also call the iPhone a fad, the iPod a fad, or the Mac a fad, but this would only add to the folly. The tablet computer is here to stay and I predict a bright future for the pint-sized computing system.

What do you think? Are tablet computers a fad?

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