iPhone 4s are beautiful, beautiful pieces of electronics. It’s clear that Apple toiled over its design like with all of its products, but the only problem is that it seems most people carry them around with gigantic bulky cases on them, ruining their nice looks. While keeping your iPhone safe from scratches or dropping is nice, what’s the point of having such a nice looking phone if you are just going to hide it under multiple layers of screen protectors and cases?

If you’re looking for some protection for your iPhone with minimal loss in the looks department, here are a few of your best bets:

Only use a screen protector

How to Protect Your iPhone 4 with StyleIf you still want to see all sides of your iPhone but would like at least some protection, the ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD will probably be your best bet. The ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD is a thin piece of plastic that you can get to cover either the front, back, sides, or all three on your device. This will offer minimal protection from drops, but will definitely help guard against scratches and assorted dings that can happen when your phone is sharing your pocket with other things.

The thinnest cases you can find

If you’re looking for a thin case that still provides protection while keeping your phone looking sharp, you have a few options. The thinnest iPhone 4 case available is the NUDE, which is only 1mm thin but still provides adequate protection to your screen and the glass back of your phone in case of a drop. There are a few other options in the super-thin case department, including the Incase Snap Case and the Zero 5 Ultrathin. All three of these cases have excellent reviews, so which one is best for you mostly comes down to your personal sense of¬†aesthetics. The cases are all available in a variety of different colors, so pick the one that you think looks best for you.

Other options

If you need your iPhone 4 to be totally protected, there are still a few options that don’t look quite as bulky as the OtterBox Defender. Seido makes the SURFACE case, which has full-phone protection but still keeps some of the iPhone 4’s stylish original look,¬†and there’s also the Incipio NCP case which has a nice matte finish and the added bonus of being the cheapest of the bunch of cases that we’ve seen.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to protect your iPhone. Cases exist because you never know when you might drop your phone or knock it off a table, but luckily there are plenty of options that look nice while also offering excellent protection.