Google+ is here and most of us are getting used to it and finding out all of the cool features and functionality of this, the newest social media service.

One mysterious and challenging routine to figure out is uploading photos to the service from your iPhone. Before the release of the Google+ application for iOS, the HTML5-powered Web site offered no way to upload photos from your device to the service to share with the people in your circles. With the release of the Google+ iOS app, we now have this functionality.

To upload a photo from your iOS device to Google+, go into the App Store and download the Google+ application. It should be downloadable for 3Gs iPhones and up as well as the iPod touch.

Second, you’ll either need to have already taken the picture with the Camera app or you’ll need to be ready to take a picture. Once you’ve made your decision, launch the Google+ application.

On the main screen of the application menu, tap on Photos. To take a picture to be uploaded, click the camera in the upper right hand corner. If you already have a photo you want to upload, click the mountain picture next to the camera in the upper right hand corner.

One you pick or take your photos, you’ll be prompted to Share your thoughts and add content and captions to a picture before it’s uploaded. From this menu, you’ll also able to pick the visibility of your picture. You can share your photo with a specific circle or with no one at all; by default, the picture is only published so that you can see it, so you’ll have to adjust it for others to view.

The last option before you submit your photo is location. By default, it will include your closest location to the picture. So if you’re security conscious, be sure to switch this off or — better yet — turn off location services for the whole Google+ app to prevent a slip up.

From here you can click Post and your photo will be uploaded and added to your Google+ album. It’s as simple as that if you are able to get the Google+ application for your iOS device, but what if you can’t get the application?

How to Upload iPhone Photos to Google+If, for some reason, you can’t download the Google+ application from the App Store, try a free alternative called Piconhand. This will take your photos and use Picasa as a bridge for uploading the photos before importing them into your Google+ profile.

To use Piconhand, download the application and sign in with your Google+ credentials.

Create a new album and name it what you want. Then, add pictures to it and select it.

In the bottom left corner there should be a Start button; once you start the process it will upload your photos to Google+.

Once you are done there, go to your Google+ account and adjust the visibility of the album — voila! You’re finished.

Happy uploadings.