Ever wanted to set unique ringers for different labels in Gmail just like you can set different ringtones for when people call? If you’re like me and would like to know instantly whether the email is something important from work or another mailing list message from some random Web site, follow along to see how to set up unique ringtones for labels in Gmail.
The first thing you’ll want to do is set up filters in Gmail to auto-label your messages. On the Gmail settings page, select Filters and then Create a New Filter. Gmail will walk you through the process of creating a filter, which allows you do auto-assign a label to messages based on sender, content, subject, etc. Set up as many filters and labels as you like, because next we’re going to show you how to give those labels unique ringtones.
How to Set Unique Ringtones for Gmail LabelsNow, go to the Gmail app on your phone, go into the account you’d like to set up the ring ones for, hit the menu button and select Settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the first settings page and then select Sync Inboxes and Labels. Find the label you want, and make sure that the label(s) you want are set to sync to your phone.
Next, go back to the Account Settings page in the app and tap Labels to Notify – Notification Preferences for Synced Labels. This will pull up a page that allows you to choose an individual label to apply settings to. Select the label you’d like to use and you will get a pop-up that you can choose a variety of settings in. You can select whether or not to be notified at all for new email in the label, as well as select a ringtone and whether or not your phone vibrates. Make all the changes you want to this label’s settings, then repeat the process for each label you to which you want to add a custom ringtone.
How to Set Unique Ringtones for Gmail Labels
Ta-da! You have custom label ringtones, and now you will never have to worry whether or not that email is important or totally useless. With good labeling and ringtones, you can make your email management much more efficient.