Being hacked sucks. Aside from the feeling of violation that’s inevitable whenever someone breaks into something that’s supposed to be private — whether it’s an email account, an online dating profile, or something tied into your finances — there’s always a very real danger that information gathered by the jerks who succeeded in breaching your defenses can be used in other ways to harm you. That harm can range from identity theft to draining your bank account; the only thing you can bet on is that recovering from the aftermath of a hacking is likely going to be a bit of a nightmare. And that’s in a best case scenario.

What’s worse is when the company tied to whatever account it is that’s been hacked is less than cooperative in helping you to sort out the mess that’s been made.

With friends like these, who needs hackers?

There should be an image here!LockerGnome’s Brandon Wirtz was the recent victim of just such an attack when his Xbox Live account was hacked. To add insult to injury, Microsoft — a company he usually defends and sticks up for (especially in the whole tried and tired Microsoft vs. Apple argument) — is proving itself to be slow in the sympathy and rectification department. As Brandon says:

“Everyone says ‘Brandon’s a Microsoft fanboy. He never says anything bad about Microsoft. He only says bad stuff about Apple.’ Well, here’s your lucky day. I’m going to say some bad things about Microsoft.

“My Xbox account got hacked. Which is also apparently my Zune account. Which is apparently also my Microsoft pubCenter account. Which is apparently also my Microsoft adCenter account. And this is an account that I only use for those Microsoft things.

“So today, somebody transferred (and it doesn’t say to where) 2000 of my Microsoft points to somewhere. They’re gone. Poof. And last month, somebody bought a whole bunch of ‘Gold Players Premium.’ I have no idea what Gold Players Premium is, but apparently I needed about ten of ’em.

“I wouldn’t be so annoyed if someone had just stolen $40 from me. Big frackin’ deal. What I’m annoyed about is that, I think because of something that the technical support people had me do, my account is now wiped. So ‘Drake Greene’ exists as this little, grey, blah avatar. And, even though I can go into my billing and see that I have purchased all these [videos and music] at different months, and Zune shows them as being in my library, when I go into my purchases, I have nothing.

“You know all those times that I have said ‘DRM is fair because it makes sure that the content providers get paid?’ Screw it. I’m over it. I have no movies, I have no music, all because my account got hacked.”

Brandon is understandably upset, and he goes on with his tirade against Microsoft for about seven minutes in this video:

This may seem like a long time to gripe about Microsoft, but it’s nothing compared to the “three to six weeks” that Microsoft has told him it will take to address his concerns! Yikes!

Have you ever had an account of yours get hacked? Did you have a better or worse customer service experience than Brandon? Let us know in the comments!