For thousands of years, storytelling has been a quintessential component of learning. Stories can help us learn from previous mistakes, explain process, and teach us background and context. With the internet, social media makes sharing stories with the rest of the world easier than ever before — and makes finding these stories just as easy. Whether you’re a student of formal education or learning how plan a vacation on the other side of the world, using social media to look for others’ experiences can be an essential part of this learning process.

When looking for others’ experiences from which to learn, whether as proof to cite or for proof to go on vacation elsewhere, consider using various social media platforms to look for these experiences. One of the easiest way to find a collection of experiences is searching for blogs related to the topic you’re looking to learn about. Almost every profession has a network of like-minded blogs, so those looking for legal, psychiatric or oncology advice (and support) can use Google to search for these types of blogs. Similarly, many luxury lifestyles have similar networks of blogs, making it easy to plan travel, local adventures, or even new dining experiences. You may also find forums and small social networks as part of these blogs, which can help with your learning experience.

How to Use Social Media from Learning: Look to Others' ExperiencesOther social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be great tools to use as learning about others experiences. While information can quickly get lost in the main stream of Facebook, finding individual users who use their profile to document a trip via photos, updates, and notes can be valuable. Some Twitter users document life experience using their Twitter feed, using their updates to post related news, personal and related photos, and status updates about their experience. If you don’t have someone in mind to follow that uses Twitter this way to talk about the topic you’re learning, use Twitter’s search and look for people to follow.

Using social media to follow the experience of others, whether through a blog, Facebook, or Twitter, can be a valuable tool in learning from their experience to benefit your own life.