They grow up so quickly. It’s hard to believe that Rift, the MMORPG that introduced itself to the pool of World of Warcraft weary players by proclaiming that “we’re not in Azeroth anymore,” is already going to be half a year old (that’s six months in baby time). Rift’s parent company, Trion, will be kicking off its official celebration of this landmark on August 25th that promises to have a little something for everyone — Guardians and Defiants, PvE-focused and PvP-focused, alike. The festivities will continue to September 1st, and Trion promises that faithful subscribers can expect some generous rewards during the week.

Even the not-so-faithful subscribers (those who have lapsed and gone back to WoW or quit gaming altogether) as well as new players can enjoy Rift for free — without the leveling or zone restrictions common among some other MMORPGs and their “free” or “trial” options. Any new players who want to stay on after September 1st can purchase the Rift game client for a paltry $4.99 (plus the monthly subscription fee).

Rift Celebrates a Happy Half BirthdayScott Hartsman, Rift’s Executive Producer, says: “We really wanted to do something fun and memorable for this amazing milestone. What better way to say thanks than to kick the doors open and add even more rewards for our subscribers?”

What sorts of goodies can the good (and maybe not so good) residents of Telara (the place that’s not Azeroth) expect during this half birthday extravaganza? Stuff like:

  • A special surprise birthday gift
  • Bonus experience (in PvE and PvP)
  • Guild bonus experience
  • Extra favor and prestige from PvP
  • Planarite a-go-go
  • Bonus plaques and marks

If you already play Rift, I don’t have to explain what the heck planarite, favor, prestige, plaques, and marks are. And if you don’t play Rift, you’ll find out what the heck planarite, favor, prestige, plaques, and marks are when you try out the game between August 25th and September 1st. If you don’t play Rift, and don’t plan to play Rift, then you probably don’t care what the heck planarite, favor, prestige, plaques, and marks are, right?