The Droid Incredible may be a bit old, but it’s still a fantastic device. There have been some Gingerbread ROMs out for rooted folks up until this point, but thanks to a leak from Verizon, you can get your hands on an official Gingerbread build for your phone right now.
Keep in mind that by following these instructions you are upgrading to an official, but not final, Gingerbread release. Verizon has pulled this update from being pushed over the air, so when the OTA update does come out officially you will need to upgrade again to be on the most recent official release. You will also lose root access if you had it before this upgrade.
Here are the instructions to update your phone:
Download this ROM file.
Copy the .zip file via USB to the root of your phone’s SD card.
Rename the file to
Turn your phone off (hold down the power button and select shut down).
Once off, turn it back on while holding down both the optical button at the bottom of your phone and the power button. Your phone should boot in recovery mode.
In the recovery mode, you’ll see a list of options. Make sure “bootloader” is highlighted and then press the power button.
Your phone will then install the update — this may take a few minutes.
Follow the instructions that are presented until you are asked to reboot, then reboot your phone.
Your phone will then boot up to some fancy new Gingerbread! Keep in mind that the first boot might take longer — a lot longer — than usual boots. This is normal, and make sure not to get impatient or pull the battery during this process or you’ll have to begin the process over again.
After you’re booted up, you are done! Enjoy the newest Android on your Incredible, and let us know in the comments if the update works for you.