LockerGnome’s Brandon Wirtz weighs in on a big question that everyone’s been asking. Which is a better network for gaming: wired or wireless? He says:

“When you have an Xbox, you have a choice between using wired or the wireless connection, and the same is true for the PS3 (and the Wii) and most other gaming consoles.

“The advantage of wireless is pretty simple: you don’t have to run the wire. The problem with wireless, though, is that as more people start using it, you go through the bandwidth a lot faster. And if there’s signal interruption, you get lag and things start to get bad quickly. This could be anything from turning on the microwave to someone nearby talking on a cell phone — these can slow down your network.

Wired Vs. Wireless Networking“So a wired connection is the way to go. If you don’t want to run the wire to your Xbox (or console of choice), one thing you might consider is a home personal network (HPN) device — especially one that has ethernet over power capability. Ethernet over power devices work in a couple of different ways, but primarily they take ethernet and they put it over the 120 volt AC that’s already in your house. So you get all of the speed and reliability of a wired network, but you don’t have to run the wire because you’re just using the electrical outlet. And you’ve already got the electrical outlet next to your console, or you wouldn’t have anything to plug your console into.

“Ethernet over power devices work really well. They’re reliable and they’re reasonably secure. I have seen some problems where someone’s in an apartment complex with 200 other people and some of them have decided to run an ethernet over power device, and then you can kind of see their networks, but for the most part this is not a problem if you’re in a small dwelling or if you set the security on the device when you set it up.”