Earlier yesterday, several developments occurred at HP including an announcement by an HP Vice President that reportedly indicated that HP may stay in the tablet market. This makes me wonder, first of all, what HP is doing. Then came a second development, which also came as a shocker to many, when a company spokesman announced that the company would continue to manufacture HP TouchPads through the end of its 4th fiscal quarter, which ends on October 31, 2011.

After these announcements, a glance at the HP blog site indicated that in a few weeks the company will have more HP TouchPads available to the consumer. However, while HP is sending out emails to inform those on its notification lists of these, facts the company is vague as to how many TouchPads will be produced and admits that there may not be enough for everyone who wants one.

Shocker: HP Will Manufacture More HP TouchPads	That being said, one must acknowledge that all of this vague waffling on the part of HP begs the consumer to ask a few questions about HP’s motivation. First of all, why would a company be selling its 16 GB units for $99 and its 32 GB units for $149 when the company paid over $300 to have each unit made? Second, why would HP make more of these units, especially after losing such a substantial amount of money and after having successfully liquidated the current inventory? To me, it seems that it would have made more sense for HP to reduce the price of its TouchPads from $399 to, say, $299 rather than to take such drastic steps to reduce its inventory.

My thoughts on this are that perhaps HP, in a desperate attempt to draw attention to its product, decided that the cost was worth the risk when one considered the publicity that would be generated. So was this just a giant publicity ploy to drum up interest in the TouchPad? In addition, one must wonder if HP, the number one computer company for the past several years, ever had any intention of getting out of the PC business.

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