If you have purchased an HP TouchPad tablet, you may be interested in some of the applications that are available. Being a lover of free apps, I have compiled a list of applications that I have successfully installed on my HP TouchPad and that I feel are useful.

Facebook: This is a must have app to stay in contact with family and friends. The Facebook app offers the ability to monitor your news feeds, places, friends, messages, and photos easily.

Epicurious: Do you love to cook? This free application is loaded with terrific recipes. My wife uses it on her Apple iPad and loves it.

Amazon Kindle: For those Kindle users, having a Kindle app is a must. What better way to read books that you have already paid for than to use this free app?

There should be an image here!Angry Birds: This popular free game is a must on any device you have. What better way to kill some time when you’re bored?

Pandora Radio: Pandora has become one of the best music services available. The company has also expanded its services to video.

AccuWeather: Who doesn’t want to know what the weather will be? This application provides an accurate weather forecast for where you reside as well as other locations that may interest you.

WordPress: For those who blog using WordPress, there is an app for that. A WordPress blogger can post, take care of comments, and edit posts all from within the application.

QVC: Like to shop? QVC has an application that allows members to shop 24/7.

Box.net: This app gives the user 50 GB of cloud storage for free. You can share your stuff from your TouchPad, home desktop computer, or laptop easily using this free app.

Yelp: Find that perfect late night spot to fill your tummy no matter where you are.

These are a few of my favorite free applications for the HP TouchPad.

What applications do you recommend?

Comments welcome.