Affordable Tablet Computers – A Project for Amazon?

One thing that the recent tablet debacle at HP proved was that there is a huge pent up demand for tablet computers. However, tablet computers still remain too costly for most consumers. The Apple iPad sells very well, but it is a high quality device that commands top dollar. Back in June of this year I wrote an article, Acer Iconia Tablet is for Price Conscious Consumers. But it seems that even at $399, consumers still want an even less expensive tablet computer system.

Affordable Tablet Computers - A Project for Amazon?The newest company to enter the tablet arena is Amazon. Rumors are flying around the Internet that the new tablet computer from Amazon could be priced at $299 or less. Amazon has gained experience with its very popular Kindle and the company has sold millions of the devices. It has reduced pricing for its least expensive Kindle model down to $114. With the experience Amazon has gained from its Kindle, it would seem that the company may be in the best position to develop a tablet computer that not only will cost less, but will also provide a reliable user experience.

In addition, Amazon has the ability to provide applications and updates directly from its servers that have been proven reliable. Amazon has had over 15 years of experience and it has fine tuned its operations to perfection. There are not many online retailers that can handle the massive amounts of product that Amazon handles and with proficiency coupled with fast delivery. The Amazon Prime system has millions of users, including myself, with the added benefit of free movie rentals for Prime members.

It seems that Amazon may be introducing two different models. Amazon could have both a 7″ model, which could be released in October of this year. A 10″ model may hit the street in the first quarter of 2012. It is going to be extremely interesting to see how well, or not so well, Amazon does with its new tablet computers.

Can Amazon succeed where others have failed?

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