Can one app really do it all for you? What if we didn’t need a Foursquare, Tripit, Mint, or Microsoft Health Vault? A new app called LifeTopix hopes to be your one stop shop for all of your app-based life needs. The app is really 12 apps under one umbrella app, and each sub-app focuses on areas of your life such as health and wellness, travel, and finances.

A quick glance through each of these sub-apps reveals a clunky UI that requires manual input of data. Data that impacts other sub-apps is automatically synced, but there is no way to sync third-party data, such as Nike+ information with the Health and Wellness sup-app. In fact, there are very few third-party affiliations, which only currently include integration with Google Calendar, Google Docs, Apple iOS calendar and contacts and some integrtion with Twitter and Facebook.  Even with LifeTopix’s integration with Facebook and Twitter, each area of LifeTopix, such as the People and Places category, becomes a substitute for another more comprehensive and widely adopted app.

LifeTopix for iPhone Does a Lot of Things, but None of Them WellLifeTopix’s attempt at becoming the one stop shop for all life activity that can be documented with a smartphone highlights the key problem with startups and apps that have broad ambitions and aspirations: they try to do too much, and don’t do any one thing well. This is generality true in all areas of life, but when it comes to startups or apps, focusing in on solving one problem — and doing it very, very well  — has more impact. The service or app will also likely be used by more people, as it actually solves their problems. If you can do this one thing well, then consider scaling up and out — such as what Airbnb is now doing with sublets in addition to its signature service.

If you want to try out LifeTopix for yourself, the app is available for a whopping $4.99 in the App Store. Be sure to let us know what you think about LifeTopix in the comments, too.