If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, you are one of the few. According to recent data, over 750 million people now have a Facebook account, with 30% of these users from the US alone. If you’re ready to join your friends on Facebook, now is a better time than ever to sign up for a Facebook account — the entire process to set up the basics for a Facebook account takes just 10 minutes (or less.)

To sign up for a Facebook account, visit Facebook.com and enter your first and last name in the Sign up module. You’ll also need to know your email (which cannot be already associated with another Facebook account) and be ready to choose to choose a password. Facebook will also ask your gender and birthday, which Facebook requires to “encourage authenticity and provide only age-appropriate access to content” as Facebook is prohibited for children under 13 years of age. Of course, you can hide this information from your profile once it is set up.

Once you have entered your information, click the greenĀ Sign up button. On the next page, you’ll have to pass a security check by solving a captcha, which helps prevent bots and other apps from automatically signing up for a Facebook account. Faceobok will then walk you through the basics of setting up an account, first prompting you to search for friends already using Facebook by looking through your email contact list from Hotmail, Yahoo!, or AOL. (Unfortunately, Gmail is no longer supported as a way to find friends.)

Next, Facebook will ask for your basic profile information including the high school you attended, any college or university you attended, and your employer. You can add more education and employers once your profile is set up. Then, add a profile picture. You can either upload a picture or take a photo with your webcam. Though Facebook only has a few requirements about what cannot be used as your profile picture — such as that of a celebrity — you may want to use a photo that is of you and/or your friends to help new friends on Facebook identify you and your new profile.

These basic steps to set up an account on Facebook should take 10 minutes or less. After your account has been initially set up, you can edit your profile to add more photos, interests, a list of favorite activities, a bio about yourself, and more. You can also start posting updates, which can include links to other Facebook pages, Web sites, or videos, or post on your friends’ walls with these same functions.

Be warned, though: Facebook can become incredibly addictive as you find more friends to interact with, and especially if you start playing games like FarmVille. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.