With the college season already underway and the NFL season starting in grand fashion tonight, it’s a good time to plan out how you want to follow your favorite teams. If you’re busy on Sundays and need to keep up with the action on a mobile device, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of your options for keeping track of the NFL and college football season while on the go this season.
Sunday Ticket To-Go
Sunday Ticket is now available on Android phones and tablets, making it the best solution for streaming NFL games, even though it’s quite pricey and requires a DirecTV subscription. Live scores and stats, as well as streaming of every single NFL game to your device are totally awesome, whether you are using the app as a couch companion to keep up with a few other games in addition to the one you’re watching on TV, or as your main device to watch a game when you aren’t at home.
Both versions of the app let you watch games as well as the RedZone channel, and on the tablet version of the Sunday Ticket app you can split screen and watch more than one game at the same time. If you are willing to drop the cash, Sunday Ticket is the primo option. If you need to have Sunday Ticket but don’t want to subscribe to DirecTV, you can call and ask for just the To-Go portion, but it’s only available if you can’t get normal DirecTV service at your address.
We talked about the Slingbox in our iOS version of this article, and it’s definitely your best bet for watching on an Android device. Slingboxes allow you to watch TV from anywhere you have a decent Internet connection on a computer or mobile device; all you need to do is attach the Slingbox to your cable or satellite box, or an OTA antenna. If you are only interested in watching your local games and maybe some college games on ESPN, you can do all that and more with the Slingbox.
Slingbox’s Android app is one of many on different platforms, and the setup and use of a Slingbox is so easy that your mom could do it. Keep in mind, however, that Slingbox only lets you watch channels on your devices that you already get, so if you only have an antenna, you’re only going to get a few games a week. If you are a college football fan, however, Slingbox is going to be your new best friend.
Non-Video Apps
Unfortunately, Android lacks a ton of solutions for watching live football on your device, but there are a few top-shelf apps that you can use to follow games without video. ESPN ScoreCenter remains the best bet for keeping up with scores and news, and can even notify you when your team scores. If you want to keep up with fantasy football, there are apps for that from Yahoo!ESPN, as well as the official one from NFL.com. Sprint also has an excellent app called Sprint Football Live dedicated to only football — both college and pro.