For years, Starbucks stores have offered coupons to their customers for a free song on iTunes, with a new song “released” each week as Pick of the Week. Now, Starbucks expanded its selections, giving away a broader range of media including apps, extended samples of books on the iBookstore, TV shows, and more for iOS users. These free picks can save┬ácustomers who would otherwise buy the media anywhere between $0.99 to more than $5.

Starbucks Pick of the Week: SPY MouseThis week’s Pick of the Week app from Starbucks is EA’s SPY Mouse. EA calls SPY Mouse a game of “Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese.” In function, SPY Mouse is very similar to Pac-Man; you must navigate a mouse through a maze to reach the cheese without getting attacked by cats. SPY Mouse has 72 “challenging” levels to try your skills, but the game is actually relatively easy — at least for adults. If you have the time, you can easily clear at least half the levels in a single day. It’s not a bad way to kill 10 mindless minutes on the commute home, and even better for parents or nannies who provide an iPhone or iPad to older children to play games or for learning. SPY Mouse is designed to be a fun game, but is also a great exercise for kids to learn logic and thinking ahead skills.

Starbucks’ SPY Mouse Pick of the Week is a great deal for anyone looking for a fun game to kill time, or for your kids. If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, or a better way to test logic, you may want to consider something more challenging — or the tried and true Pac-Man, which is available for iOS devices in the App Store for $4.99.

Did you pick up this week’s Starbucks’ Pick of the Week App? Let us know what you think of SPY Mouse in the comments below.