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How do you make your Flash Web site compatible with iOS?

As most of you know, Apple has been traditionally resistant to offering iOS users the option of viewing Adobe Flash-driven content from the Web, and even with Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple, this isn’t about to change any time soon. Citing problems with “reliability, security, and performance” as its official reasons for denying native support of Flash in favor of less proprietary technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, Apple has made a stance on the matter that is viewed as stubborn by some and heroic by others.

How Do You Make Your Flash Web Site Compatible with iOS?And while Adobe (in an equally stubborn or heroic stance, depending on your perspective) has mustered up a fancy workaround to delivering Flash content on iOS with its Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, one might answer our friend Mani Kayvani by asking another question: Why build a Web site with Adobe Flash? That’s not meant to be a cruel question or poke fun at people who might be tempted to build a Web site with Adobe Flash in the second decade of the 21st century. After all, if you know Flash, it took time to learn those skills and develop them. It’s easy to understand how, from your point of view, Apple is just flexing its power in a cantankerous manner to “get even” for some of the disagreements it’s had with Adobe in the past. But every developer knows that platforms come and go, and there comes a time when you need to make a decision whether you want to try and adapt with the changes, or resist them. Weighing the arguments for and against the continuation of a technology means that you sometimes have to put aside your vested interest in preserving one that no longer serves the purposes for which it was intended — especially when new technologies can duplicate the effects of the old more efficiently.

This isn’t to say that Adobe Flash is — or even should be — a dead technology. It still suits some tasks better than others, but I would venture to say that building a Web site isn’t really one of them — not anymore, when you’ve got HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to give you (and your Web site visitors) a better overall experience. In this video, Chris Pirillo goes over his answer to the question How do you make your Flash Web site compatible with iOS?

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