Here on the West Coast of the US, many “live” programs as well as almost all other television programming is actually delayed by three hours — even though an event, such as the Emmys, might be taking place just down the street. Unfortunately, the rest of the country sees these programs live, and as Twitter has become a primary platform for discussing such events, people on the West Coast must either turn off Twitter or tune in to a live stream on the Internet to avoid spoilers or commentary.

Rewind Twitter to Sync Tweets with Delayed or Recorded TV ShowsUnfortunately, if viewers of programs like the Emmys — or even new episodes of reality TV like the Bachelor — turn off Twitter to avoid spoilers, they miss the majority of tweets across the country discussing these shows and related drama, and it is difficult to go back in time and sync up tweets with your delayed program. To reconcile this problem, a new Web app called Rewinder is designed to help viewers read the tweets about a TV show on replay. For those on the West Coast — or even anyone with a DVD player — this means you can watch the show later than the original broadcast and read tweets about the program as they developed during the initial broadcast.

Rewinder accomplishes this by archiving up to 20,000 of your tweets as soon as you sign up, and then enables you to review your stream from a defined time, such as when a show premiered on East Coast time. You can also use Rewinder to search tweets by hashtag, such as last night’s #Emmys. This would have allowed anyone on the West Coast to follow along the majority of conversation and commentary from the award show on delay, but in real time and in sync with the show.

Rewinder from Adriaan Pelzer on Vimeo.

Rewinder is still in beta, but is currently accepting email addresses for an invitation to its beta. Check out for more information and to sign up.