You’ve likely heard about Foursquare, the mobile app that allows users to check in to nearly everywhere and earn points in the process. Checking in to some venues can unlock specials, such as half off drinks at the bar or a free coffee for the mayor of the venue. Today, Facebook announced that it has passed 1 billion check-ins. Yes — that’s a lot. With over 10 million accounts, it’s clear Foursquare has found success in a niche filled with other competitors, like Gowalla and Yelp.

Foursquare updates appWhat makes Foursquare so different? Clearly, its the app, available for both Android and iOS users and was also upgraded for mobile users today. Unlike other Geolocation services, Foursquare features functions not present in the others. Owners of venues can create specific events, such as a baseball game at a stadium, where users can check in and share with friends. This makes it easier to tell your friends not only where you are but what you’re doing, without the cumbersome processing of typing it in. This obviously has benefits for venue owners as they can track the ebb and flow and success of an event based on Foursquare data.

The upgraded app also now includes lists, a feature that was launched last month. Foursquare users can use the app to view all the lists they have created or follow, as well as see suggested lists related to venues nearby. For now, if you want to follow a list that is not suggested, you will have to find and follow the list on These lists can be useful for everybody from tourists to locals in search of something new for lunch.

The new app not only joins the monumental milestone of check-ins, but a new feature that allows users to check into their home as a venue without sharing their address. Let us know what you think about this features on Foursquare in the comments below.