Klout, a service that measures your influence across the social Web, is now integrating Google+ into the Klout scoring algorithm. Google+ users can now connect their account to Klout to provide another set of metrics by which your Klout score can be generated. Google+ joins other integrations in addition to the standard Facebook and Twitter connections, including LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and more. Klout measures influence to drive action, but scores can only go down based on a user’s inability to drive action on Facebook and Twitter. All other integrated networks can only have a positive effect.

Klout Now Measures Influence on Google+So far, it is unclear how Google+ activity will impact a Klout score. Likely the amount of shares and comments per post will be included in the algorithm, as well as perhaps the follower/following ratio. As I mentioned earlier, the ramification of social networks can tend to drive more action on each network. While recent reports have indicated interest in Google+ is waning, the social network is now open to all users as of today. Now that Google+ is public, and social networkers have incentive to be more active on the network, could we see an increase in activity?

Keep in mind, however, that Klout scores are derived by the amount of action you can drive. Even though there is an option to increase your score from activity on Google+, users of multiple social networks should be careful of spreading themselves too thin. Without a strong network on each social network, blasting updates will not generate the engagement necessary to increase your Klout score on any network. If you really feel you must be everywhere at once, consider using extensions and plugins to automatically post your updates to all social networks at once.

Will the integration of Google+ in Klout inspire you to use Google+ more? Let us know what you think of this and the other recent integrations in the comments.