At our crowdsourcing site, Gnomie Feras asks:

What do you think of the new Google Search layout? Do you like it or prefer the old one? Chris Pirillo answers:

“Honestly, I think it’s been long overdue. You could look at today and see something completely different from what I saw, because Google is constantly changing — it’s iterating.

There should be an image here!“Web sites are constantly evolving, and Google, as simple as it really once was, it still is. It’s just now allowing for a more granular direction in terms of what you’re searching for. So, for instance, I’m in Seattle. I’m searching for sushi. Google looks at that and says, “You’re geolocated here, and you just searched for sushi. You didn’t say Seattle, but I know you’re in Seattle. I wonder if you’re looking for sushi in Seattle.” Google’s smart enough to figure that out. And then, with the new options, I can scroll down and look for photos or videos or whatever, and it’s now in the sidebar at this point in time. And then I can go through even further and say I’m just looking for information that’s this old or that old.

“So being able to fine tune my search has made Google a lot better. Some people don’t want things to change. When I saw Google for the first time, I didn’t like it at all. My reaction was: “This is it? Really? Everyone’s excited about this? There’s nothing here!” And then I got used to it.

“Google’s going to continue to change, and you know what? It’s needed polish for so long. And now it’s starting to roll out the UI change on Google+, Google Docs, and beyond. This more styled interface is kind of nice, and I would say long overdue. I would hope to see Google consistently adding these changes to its set of services — otherwise, it’s just going to get old. Can you imagine using the same stuff that you were using 10 years ago?

“What do you think about Google’s — or Amazon’s, or any Web site’s — changes? Do you welcome these changes, or do you eschew them?”

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