Do you ever feel like your Twitter spam is getting out of control? Simply tweet about the iPhone, iPad, Facebook, or a popular vacation destination and you will likely receive at least one tweet or @mention from a spammer looking to hook you up with a free iPhone or Facebook credits. Reporting spam on Facebook can be a pain for users, as one must visit each spammer’s profile on and report the person as a spammer.

A new Web-based app from Later, Spam!, developed by Andre Torrez, helps Twitter users identify their recent @mentions that may be scams and report them right from the app. LaterSpam uses Twitter’s API to report the same directly from the app, saving you time if you have several offending tweets. The tweets will also automatically disappear from your @mention timeline on Later, Spam! will also tell you if you have reported the spam tweet, or if the report has been confirmed by Twitter. Though you may want to check these statuses obsessively, simply clicking the blue “Spam?” button will be enough to report the tweet as spam.

Report Spam on TwitterOf course, many third-party Twitter apps already contain functions to automatically report a user for spam and scammy behavior right from the app itself. Both HootSuite and TweetDeck allow their users to report a spammer or scammer right from the app. For users with third party apps to read and post to Twitter, reporting spam on Twitter is easier than both using or using an app like Later, Spam!. However, for Twitter users who use on a regular basis, Later, Spam! is an ideal and easy way to report spam tweets and scammy accounts.

How do you handle spam and scammy behavior on Twitter? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments.