After a week of social media news dominated by the changes to Facebook — which included a new way to create groups and lists of friends, changes to privacy settings, and an entire new profile design — Google+ has come back into the fight for the best features on a social network. Google+ now features the ability for users to share circles with other Google+ users. This feature has been requested for months, and now users who have curated lists of specific types of Google+ users, such as influential tech bloggers or celebrities who are using Google+, can share them with others.

Google+ now allows users to share circles with specific users on Google+, or with the public. To share a circle, visit your Circles tab and click on the circle you wish to share. The list of users that then pops up will have the option in the right hand corner to Share the Circle, and the option is available in the current circle among the list of your other circles. Once you have selected to share the circle, you can add a comment, and then share it. And don’t worry, the name of the circle will not be shared with the list, so for those of you who have inappropriately named a circle, you can keep the snarky names of your circles to yourself.

how to share google plus circlesGoogle explains that when your friends receive your circle, they can then pick and choose who to add to their own circles. This is a great feature, as Google+ users don’t automatically have to adopt the entire circle, unlike the way Twitter lists function. It is also a nice addition to the social network, as Facebook does not yet even have an option to view or share groups created by other users.

Will the ability to share circles on Google+ make you more active on the social network? Let us know what you think about the new feature in the comments below.