For months, Facebook users have eagerly anticipated Spotify’s integration with Facebook. Even though Spotify has only been available to US users for just a few months, the inherent social nature of Spotify meant that the integration would be a game changer. At Facebook’s f8, the integration was announced and went live within hours. Now, Facebook and Spotify users can share every song they listen to on Facebook. Of course, this means other Facebook users are forced to see each and every song their friends play on Facebook.

How to Sop Sharing Songs from Spotify on FacebookIf you’re tired of sharing every song you listen to via Spotify on Facebook, you can adjust your Spotify settings to prevent Spotify from sending a notification to all of your friends when you listen to your music. For those with guilty pleases that include Justin Bieber and a Backstreet Boys album circa 2000, users can turn this feature on and off to prevent embarrassing music from being shared. Other users may want to turn off this option permanently, knowing that sharing every song you listen to, all day long, is annoying your friends and family. The option to prevent Spotify from updating Facebook can be found in Spotify’s upper left-hand corner under Edit and then Preferences. Under the Facebook module, uncheck the box labeled Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to Facebook’s Open Graph.

Additionally, Facebook users can limit who sees the songs they share by visiting their Facebook Settings. If you only want to share the songs you listen to with your friends instead of publicly, you can hide updates from all other friends by going to Privacy Settings, Apps, and Web Sites, Spotify, and then choosing App Activity Privacy.

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide these types of notifications when they’re coming from other users, but you can always suggest that your friends to be more considerate (and tell them how spammy they are) by asking them to edit their Spotify and Facebook settings.