Better late than never, right? It waited until as late as possible to meet its September release date, but HTC Thunderbolt owners, who up until this point had to download a custom ROM for their phone to run the latest and greatest Android version, can now pull down the official Gingerbread (version 2.3.4) update from HTC.
How to Update Your HTC Thunderbolt to GingerbreadEnhancements to the Thunderbolt Gingerbread update that are not part of the OS’s stock features include a new download manager app to make managing your downloads from emails and the browser much easier, some icon tweaks, and improved application and power efficiency settings. There are also a lot of bug fixes and improvements, like improved Bluetooth sound quality, SMS bug fixes, and much much more.
If you’d like to update your phone, the process is very, very easy — you may have even gotten a prompt for it to update automatically! If you haven’t, follow the steps below to do the update.
First, press the Menu button on your phone and select Settings. On the settings page, scroll down until you see Software Update. On the Software Update page, tap Check Now to check for new updates. It will connect to the update server and let you know that the new version is available, and then just follow the on-screen prompts to get it installed. Your phone will restart and then you will be all ready to go with Gingerbread goodness!
The only bug we have heard of so far is with Google Talk videoconferencing. On the leaked version of this update it looked like it was going to connect, but then didn’t actually, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of doing the update and you rely on video calling.
For those of you who have done the update, how are you liking Gingerbread? Have you experienced any bugs or is it mostly smooth sailing so far with the new version? Let us know in the comments.