If you’re a minimalist or one of those social media types concerned about their following/follower ratio, a new app is available if you’re a user of Google+ to help clean up inactive users in your Google+ circles. Not only will these benefit your ratio, but it can leave you room to add more people to your circles, since the total amount of users who can be in a circle is capped at 5,000.

This app, an extension for Chrome users, can help you identify people who are inactive in all of your circles, or a specific circle. An inactive user is a Google+ user who has never posted on Google+. Using Uncircle+ will run a list of all of the people in all of your circles, or just people in a specific circle. You can then choose to remove selected inactive users, or all of the users returned who are inactive on Google+

Manage Google+ Circles with Uncircle+Uncircle+ has a bare minimum design, but don’t let the rough edges fool you. Uncircle+ is a useful and successful way to remove people from your Google+ circles who don’t actually use Google+. Of course, since Google+ is only now beginning to pick up momentum, users should be cautious of cleaning house as their friends may soon join and use Google+ — but you’ll never know if you remove these people from your circles. While Uncircle+ can help you remove people from your circles who are taking up space, you may want to consider whether you actually need this space before removing these users from your radar altogether and potentially missing posts from them if and when they join Google+.

Google+ and Chrome users can install Uncircle+ from the Chrome Web Store. Have you given Uncircle+ a try? Be sure to let us know what you think about this new app in the comments below.