Recently Earth Networks, owner of the WeatherBug brand, partnered up with Borrasca Iniciativas Atmosféricas S.L. (BIA). The goal behind this new business partnership is to provide the best climate data available to Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. By combining the resources of Earth Networks with the expertise already in motion with BIA, everyone involved is expected to benefit with the most accurate and up-to-date weather/climate data possible.

Earth Networks Coverage In RedWhat technologies will BIA use?

Some of the solutions that’ll be used to monitor the weather conditions and climate events for BIA include the following.

StreamerRT: This Web-based weather monitoring tool provides real-time weather data as it’s happening. Commonly used for storm tracking and mapping of potential weather concerns still developing, StreamerRT provides a tremendous feature set ranging from multiple map layers to lighting data from Earth Networks’ own lightning detection network.

DTA Alerts: Known as Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, DTAs offer advanced notification of severe weather as it develops. With updates taking place every 15 minutes during periods of storm threats, DTAs provide detection of both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. This offers a clearer picture of how a storm threat might develop.

Smart Grid Solutions: Earth Networks utilizes their 8,000+ network of live weather stations in conjunction with their data processing abilities to make sure the power industry has the information needed to send power where it’s needed the most on any given day. The end result is a smaller carbon footprint and reduced cost for all involved.

Greenhouse Gas Observation Network: Climate monitoring is critical for dense population centers where air quality can vary greatly depending on the current weather conditions and existing climate activity. Getting an accurate read on carbon dioxide and methane trace gases is job one for this climate monitoring solution.

Interested in utilizing some of these technologies in your software applications?

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