One of my favorite new features that Facebook has recently rolled out is the ability for Spotify users to automatically share music they are listening to with their friends on Facebook. These updates appear both in the ticker and the news feed. Unless you’re listening to something embarrassing (like Justin Bieber or the Backstreet Boys), this feature can help Facebook users discover new music that their friends already like. Since most Facebook users have something in common with each other (or else they wouldn’t be friends), it is likely that the users will have a common taste in music as well and enjoy the recommendations provided by friends via what they are actually listening to.

Make Spotify PrivateHowever, some Facebook users do indeed listen to potentially embarrassing music. While I need a weekly dose of pop circa 1998, I don’t want to share every Ashlee Simpson song I listened to while cleaning my apartment. (What? Like you don’t have a guilty pleasure?) While Spotify has always had a feature for Facebook users that allowed Spotify listeners to turn off sharing altogether, Spotify is rolling out a new option to easily toggle the sharing options. Instead of having to dive into Spotify’s preferences and turn off the option to Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to your Facebook Timeline by unchecking the related box, users can now simply go into private mode on Spotify.

This new feature will allow you to easily and temporarily not only stop Spotify from sending your music to Facebook, but stop sending all user data to Facebook. The option is available for Mac OS X users by clicking on Spotify in the menu bar and selecting Private Listening. And if you don’t see this option yet, sit tight; Spotify is rolling out the new option to users as we speak.