Looking to keep customers coming back for more, Groupon has launched Groupon Rewards, a type of customer appreciation program that encourages Groupon users to visit a merchant again and again after using their Groupon deal. After spending a certain amount at the merchant, the Groupon user will unlock a special Groupon only available to them.

Groupon announced Gruopon Rewards on its blog, and explains that with the program, “consumers earn rewards at participating merchants simply by paying with the credit or debit card they have on file at Groupon.com. After spending an amount set by the merchant, the consumer unlocks the ability to purchase a special Groupon for that business.”

Groupon RewardsMany small businesses, like coffee shops and cafes, have programs that already provide free coffee or dessert after spending a certain amount, but these benefits are usually tracked by hole punching customer appreciation cards. Other businesses, like grocery stores and larger restaurants, have cards that can be swiped at the checkout to keep track of how much money the consumer spends to generate offers and discounts.

With Groupon Rewards, companies can easily add the program right to their existing POS (point of sale) to track the ROI (return on investment) on a Groupon deal. With this deal, businesses can gather better data about how many customers used the Groupon and come back again. This data could include current customers, but the reward may obviously encourage even those customers to come back more than they would without the Groupon, all while incentivizing future purchases.

As a fan of Groupons — and the new opportunities they present — I’m excited about the potential to get even more discounts for discovering a new place to eat, drink, or rock climb. Groupon Rewards are not available in all cities yet, but you can sign up to be alerted when rewards are available in your area.