395Javelin, a member of our community on YouTube, asks:

“Chris Pirillo, how did you nearly get fired from Best Buy?”

While not having a job or a source of income at all (in this economy, especially) can be awful, there are some jobs that just aren’t worth the time or effort involved to warrant the wages offered in return. They may not be worth it because the task asked of the serf employee is somehow demeaning. Maybe a funny hat that invites thinly and not-so-thinly veiled chortles from anyone not so decorated is involved in the corporate-mandated dress code. Perhaps repetition of an embarrassing phrase must be played out to every encountered client or customer on penalty of managerial tongue lashing, demotion, or complete severance. It could be a “the customer is always right” company policy that means you’re left out to dry when the way you’ve politely and professionally offered your goods or services is somehow rejected by any mean-spirited jerk who finds the need to share his or her bad day with you for any reason whatsoever.

How Chris Pirillo Almost Got Fired from Best BuyMaybe your coworkers are the ones who make your job only slightly less preferable to having your nose whittled to a pulp by a rusty cheese grater. It could be that a bunch of them still stick together in their old high school clique and exclude all others (including you), though it’s been five years since any of them attended class together. Maybe there’s an office clown who plays dangerous pranks on you to the hilarity of favorite-playing upper management who think that you should just grow a sense of humor and deal with it. Maybe you’re stuck on the other half of a shared cubicle with a gossiping chatterbox who doesn’t get the hint no matter how many times you point to the noise-canceling headphones you wear from the time you clock in to the time you clock out.

Whether it’s customers, coworkers, CEOs, or custodians making your work life a living heck, listen to this story from Chris Pirillo about the time he almost got fired from Best Buy and what he did when he was asked to push substandard products against his better judgment.

Have you ever been fired from a job or felt compelled to quit for reasons you think boiled down to more than the partnership being “a bad fit?” Taking the heat for unfair company policies or unwise business practices is never any fun. Want to vent about it? Leave us some comments!