In this video, Matthew Sabia takes us on a tour through the Minecraft 1.9 prerelease, which features NPC characters and pre-built villages. As you may already know, Minecraft might be one of the oddest games around, and this preview for version 1.9 seems to set out to prove that things aren’t really slated to get any less odd at any time soon.

What's New in Minecraft 1.9?Why build a whole village from scratch when you can generate one complete with houses, farms, and other resources galore from the get-go? Maybe these unsettling, silent NPCS (all mysteriously titled with the moniker of “Testificate”) who wander around might be incentive enough to go find your own plot of land. Some are stoic and unresponsive even when you try to beat them mercilessly with shrubbery, while others will physically try and push you out of their homes should you even attempt an unwelcome intrusion into their weird little living rooms from the outside world.

If you fall into the village’s community well, there’s no pet Lassie who’s going to run for help to save you. Besides, even if there were, do you think these creepy Testificate dudes are going to lose any sleep over it? Luckily, you can swim to the surface and break a block with a few swings of your mighty hammer like an avenging John Henry emerging from the deep to find your way to safety.

Enjoy the 10+ minute video, but if you’re prone to motion sickness, take a Dramamine beforehand. There’s no stable horizon to keep an eye on that will help you keep your nausea at bay here; you’ll climb high towers and plunge into dark wells of clear blue blocks of water before the video’s conclusion. After I finish writing this thing up, I think I’m going to have to go lie down for a bit.

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