My wife and I have been in the New England area visiting our middle daughter and her family. During our stay, Amazon announced its new tablet computer called the Kindle Fire. My wife suggested that I should buy one of the new models for my birthday, which is coming up later this month. I ignored the gentle prodding, thinking I would wait until others bought the units and there were plenty of online reviews to peruse.

There should be an image here!This morning we were seated at the airport terminal in Providence, Rhode Island and decided to take the plunge. I ventured over to Amazon’s site and placed my pre-order for a unit. Delivery should be on or about November 17th — late for my birthday, but close enough. So why did I decide to buy an Amazon Kindle Fire?

Size does matter. I love the Apple iPad my wife uses and believe it is the best tablet computer on the market. A 10″ tablet is very functional and easy on the eyes. I did notice today that when wife used her Apple iPad, the unit is quite large for her hands. I think a smaller 7″ model may be more friendly to hold and use.

I am an Amazon Prime member. Amazon has a very liberal return policy and usually will pay for return shipping if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. If for some reason I do not like the Amazon Kindle Fire, I could return it easily.

My biggest attraction to the Amazon Kindle Fire was price. Amazon is currently selling these units as a loss leader. I am sure the eventual payout will be when all of the Kindle Fire owners start buying applications. I am sure that Amazon will reap the benefit in the long scheme of things.

I am actually looking forward to getting my new toy. What guru doesn’t like to play with any new electronic device?

Comments welcome.