Ever want to dislike something on Facebook? Don’t hold your breath for this option. Though Facebook has now allowed Facebook developers to utilize the Open Graph and develop apps that allow users to [verb] any [noun], there is one verb Facebook won’t let developers use: “dislike.” Facebook has been fighting the war against users trying to dislike items posted on Facebook for years, as extensions and plug-ins keep trying to surface that allow users to show their disapproval of an item posted. The problem with these plug ins and extensions is that the ability to dislike an option only appears on the user’s end, and other apps promising to add this function to Facebook are actually malware.

With the new Open Graph, announced at Facebook’s f8 conference earlier this month, developers can choose from almost any verb in combination with a noun to customize the user experience and more explicitly detail the actions Facebook users are executing, or even thinking. But Facebook still does not want users to dislike a noun of the developer’s choice. Developers who try to create a new action using the verb dislike when creating their app will see a popup noting that a blocked word has been used.

Facebook Blocks DislikeWhat Facebook has not blocked, however, are most of the synonyms for dislike. Facebook developers can submit an app that uses words like despise, loathe, and hate, among other synonyms for dislike. Of course, Facebook still has to approve this new action type, and it’s unseen yet whether app developers have successfully created apps that include negative action types — especially ones synonymous with Facebook’s banned word, dislike. It’s easy to guess that Facebook will catch on and block these words at some point in the future, but for now it looks like it’s open season.

If you’re an app developer, let us know if you have successfully created apps using synonyms for dislike — or if you have discovered any other banned words, too.