The beauty of iOS devices is they can do so much, practically replacing the need for any other gadget. Not only does the built in camera replace the need for a camera, or the built in iPod into the iPhone replace the need for any other music device, but dozens of apps exist to replace the need for other everyday devices like a GPS unit or alarm clock.

Alarm Clock for iPhoneWith the Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, an app from Apalon now available in the iTunes App store, you no longer need an alarm clock in your office or bedroom. There are admittedly dozens of other similar apps on the market, but the Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad features several skins and dozens of options to help you actually enjoy it when your alarm goes off in the morning. Users of this app can set several alarms, each with their own unique features that can include playing a song from an iPod or having the alarm fade in to wake the user up gently. One can also adjust the brightness of the clock itself, as well as use the sleep timer setting to play music or white noise for a set period of time to help in falling asleep.

Each alarm you set with the Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can have its own unique settings, so you can set one alarm to vibrate, and another to play music with a snooze that goes off every five minutes. (You can even shake the phone to turn off snooze, which could be dangerous for those who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.) Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad also supports background alarms, allowing you to use other apps on your iOS device after setting the alarm.

The app also features the day and weather, but users can toggle these features on or off along with whether the app shows seconds or the next alarm. Other options include the choice of time, temperature, and distance format. The dozens of options make the Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad an excellent choice for iPhone users who want a well designed, fully functional alarm clock loaded with features, but have not jailbroken their phone. Of course, this means the app does not run as a lock screen, and you will have to keep the app open throughout the night to enjoy all of its features.

iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch users can download Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.