Being able to speak with other people via a laptop or desktop computer is not new. Skype offered free calls to other Skype users years anywhere in the world. Google Voice emerged as an easy way to make free calls to anyone with a 10-digit number. Now T-Mobile wants a piece of the VoIP action, offering free calls to any mobile or landline in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada – right from your Internet browser.

Bobsled by T-Mobile makes this possible, as well as the ability to call Facebook friends using the service. This Facebook functionality was actually the original concept for Bobsled, which is now expanding to calling anyone with a landline or mobile number for free. Bobsled is not a browser extension, as users must logon to to use the service, as well as login with Facebook for calling friends.

The service is not much different than the ability to call friends and family using Google Voice. In fact, it lacks key features like a dedicated phone number, the ability to receive voicemails, or even exchange SMS text messages. However, for users who don’t need these features – such as those who primarily rely on their own mobile phone – Bobsled offers a simple way to make a call when cell service is not available or when you don’t want to use your own number. The call quality is clear, but like Skype and Google Voice, using a headset drastically improves sound quality and prevents feedback loops.

Try out Bobseld for yourself from, and be sure to check out the Bobsled app for Android and iPhone which allows users to call Facebook friends from the app.