When I wrote about my experiment with Google+ and my decision to close my account almost immediately, some of the comments I received were less than flattering. One comment stated that I just wrote the article to attract AdSense revenue, but that was untrue. Though I am a huge Google fan, I also know when a product is mediocre, no matter who produces the software.

I have been using the Google Chrome operating system on its Cr-48 computer since receiving the unit back in December, 2010. Though the current product is far superior than the original was, Google still doesn’t have it working correctly. As an example, last night I was trying to view a document in .pdf format. The problem I encountered was that I was unable to scroll the document correctly and also the document became fragmented and unviewable. I spent about 10 minutes trying to get the document to render correctly, but could not.

Over the past 10 months, Google has pushed out numerous (I lost count) updates and has improved the Google Chrome operating system. One problem that still plagues me is scrolling, whether using the built-in trackball or using a USB wireless mouse. For an operating system that depends entirely on using a browser and Internet connection as the primary operating system, this sometimes makes it difficult to use the Chrome OS. This has been one of the primary reasons why I usually only use my Google Chrome Cr-48 when I am away from home.

Google seems to like to release products and keep them in a constant state of beta testing. This explains why the Google Chromebooks come with lifetime free updates and fixes. It seems the company just cannot seem to get things right the first time. Just my opinion.

Am I being too critical of Google, or are my thoughts justified?

Comments welcome.