As some of you may know, we are close to the release of Android 4.0, AKA “Ice Cream Sandwich.” There have been some videos posted of the interface, some leaks of the flagship device, the Nexus Prime, and now we have the best news yet, as one of the Ice Cream Sandwich apps has leaked.

How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich's Music AppThe app is Music version 4.0.1, and it’s been ripped from a Nexus Prime device. This new music app sports an all-new interface compared to the Gingerbread version of the app, with less overall clutter and more room for the cover art of your album when you’re listening.

The developers have also built in track ratings to the app, making it possible for you to give a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” to each track you listen to. We don’t know at this point whether or not those ratings have any effect on the player though — like making the songs play more or less often in shuffle.

Over all, the new Google Music is a worthy upgrade if you use the music app a lot, as the new interface and features make it worth the slight hassle to get it installed. Here’s how to do it:

Instructions to install Google Music for Android 4.0.1

First, you need to uninstall your existing Google Music version. If your device came with Google Music preinstalled and you can’t uninstall it the normal way, you need an app called Titanium Backup and root access to uninstall.

Then, download the APK for Google Music 4.0.1. Mount your Android device’s SDcard on your PC and drag the APK file you just downloaded to the root directory of the SDcard. After that, you can unmount and go back to your Android device.

Finally, make sure that you have non-Market app installs enabled in Settings -> Applications, and then go ahead and install Google Music. You’ll need a file manager, like Astro, to do so.