Do you have a problem hitting the snooze button several times every morning? Or maybe you have a potty mouth that can’t stop dropping the f-bomb on Twitter? If you can’t wake up in the morning or stop swearing, there are a few apps that will turn your bad habits into charity.

If you’re a sleepyhead who has a problem with the snooze button, you know well enough the detriment you are causing your personal and professional life by staying in bed all morning. But while you’re at it, you might as well help out and give to charity for your sloth-like behavior. A free app for the iPhone, called Snooze for iPhone, adds up the amount of times you have hit snooze and then asks you twice a month if you want to donate to a LetGive charity of your choice. At $0.25/cents per snooze, the donation can really add up — but, of course, you aren’t forced to give anything.

For those of you with a dirty mouth, a similar extension for Twitter users can turn your bad words into a donation for your favorite charity. With SwearJar — which follows the same concept of traditional swear jars in offices and homes around the world — users sign up and then donate a minimum £1 (about $1.55) when swearing on Twitter, which supports UNICEF’s efforts in fighting the famine in East Africa. Once you have signed up, SwearJar will monitor your tweets for bad words, and then send you a link to pay up every week. Users are encouraged to add the hashtag #fuckfamine to their tweets to help raise money for UNICEF’s cause. Oh, and the app also catches some equally offensive words to help the cause, such as “awesome,” “synergy,” and “epic.”

Of course, you shouldn’t be dependent on an app to donate to a good cause. Consider finding a charity you truly believe in and donating to them on a regular basis — whether or not you can get out of bed first thing in the morning.

What are your favorite ways to donate to charity? Let us know in the comments.