In days of old, gadgets generally served one purpose. If you wanted to balance your checkbook, you probably used a calculator to work out the numbers, a radio to make the task more bearable with the accompaniment of your favorite tunes, and a telephone to call the bank to report any errors that you might have found on your monthly statement. Carrying all of these things around with you would have required Batman’s utility belt and a very strong, patient back. Now, you can stow away your typical smart phone — which can handle all of the aforementioned chores and more — in the comfort of one simple pocket (batarangs and bat spray may require a few more pockets if you want to completely ditch the utility belt, though).

The Oona smart phone mountAnd if you’ve ever used a GPS (global positioning system) unit to get from one place to another in an unfamiliar city (or you just really still don’t know the way around your own town), you’ve probably used the handy little suction cup that sticks it to your dashboard or inside the windshield for better visibility. With smart phones being used for an ever-expanding number of purposes, you may find a similar suction cup device to be extra special handy for some of them. Want to use your smart phone as a GPS unit to get you from the airport to the boondocks? How about steadying it on your tabletop to record video of you interviewing the owner of the local deli for your YouTube channel about exotic sandwiches of the American Southwest? Maybe you want to prop up your smart phone and use it as a tiny television to recap the third season of The X-Files on Netflix while you’re eating an exotic sandwich of the American Southwest?

Thanks to a little doodad called the Oona, you totally can. Constructed from high-quality steel and a couple of durable suction cups, the Oona allows you to mount your smart phone on almost any flat, stable surface with the greatest of ease. Invented by San Francisco Bay Area natives Brad Leong, Danny Fukuba, and Sam Gordon with capital raised through Kickstarter (funded in part by Chris Pirillo), the Oona is a simple affixer with grand abilities and ambitions as explained and demonstrated in this here video.

You can check out (and “ooh” and “aah” at) the Oona via the official Oona Web site.