There are few times throughout the year that are more fun to take photos than during Halloween. Some people come up with the craziest costume ideas, and the addition of alcohol (or even just lots of sugar) can create some truly picture-perfect moments. If you want to really capture the spirit of your Halloween photos, make sure you have these five apps on your iPhone to turn an ordinary picture into something a little more festive.

Halloween Camera Free
Halloween Camera Free is a great but basic app that can add basic Halloween effects to your iPhone photos. You can choose from filters that add simple borders, Happy Halloween greetings and even pumpkins, spiders, or ghosts to your photos. The app won’t necessarily make your photos scarier, but it does add a simple touch of Halloween to the photos you don’t otherwise want to manipulate.

Ghost Capture – Free
Want to add an eerie effect to your Halloween photos — or create a spooky picture in the spirit of the holiday? Ghost Capture – Free is another free app that allows you to select a ghost to superimpose to any picture and save the image or share with friends via email. (You can always use the native Tweet function in iOS 5 to share the photo with your Twitter follows, or upload the saved photo to Facebook.) Users can choose from ghosts including creepy Victorian children, faceless torsos, Civil War soldiers, ghostly orbs, and more. You can even adjust the position and transparency of the ghost to make a perfectly creepy photo.

Top 5 Halloween Photo Filters for the iPhone
Top 5 Halloween Photo Filters for the iPhone

HauntedFace Lite
HauntedFace Lite is another simple Halloween app that can turn your pictures into terrifying images to share with friends and family. The app turns a photo of your face into a a 3D animated ghost — complete with haunting sounds. Photos of your ghost can easily be shared with Facebook, Twitter, and via email, and you can also upload videos created with the app to YouTube or Facebook. It’s probably one of the creepier free apps for Halloween photos in the App Store.

Halloween ~ Postage
Not interested in transforming your photos into something terrifying? If you just want to add a few thematic borders to highlight the cute pictures of your kids, Halloween ~ Postage, available in the App Store for $1.99, is the Halloween app for you. It’s more comprehensive than Halloween Camera Free and you can add simple borders, an effect to a photo, a style message, or even colorize it. Halloween Postage then makes it easy to share your filtered-but-not-frightening photos via email or to Facebook.

Zombie Me
If you’re looking for an app that will truly transform your Halloween photos into something horrific, Zombie Me is a must-have for the holiday. The app is available as a full or lite version (for $1.99 or $0.99, respectively) and allows you to add scary eyes, bloody mouths, wounds, and other scary elements to your photos. You can scale and move all the objects you add to the photo, as well as save the photo to share via social networks or just email it to friends and family. For those looking to scare the you-know-what out of their friends and followers, Zombie Me is a great investment