has long been the go-to Web site for money management. Whether you want to track where all your money is being spent, create budgets for different things, track the paying of your student loan debt, or help yourself save up for that tropical vacation, Mint has the tools that you need to manage your money in whatever ways you like.

Up until now, people who wanted to track their Mint budgets on the go were relegated to the iPhone app or their mobile Web site, which are useful but lack some of the awesome features like the charts and graphs available on the full Web site. Luckily, iPad users now have access to one of the best ways to use Mint ever: the new Mint iPad app.

The Mint iPad app might be an even better way to manage your finances than the browser version. The interface is drop-dead gorgeous, and the functionality is the same or better than Mint on your home computer. The home screen of the app (the “Overview” screen) has five modules that let you see things like your current monthly spending, budgets, and goals all at once. There’s also a ticker that shows you up-to-date information about useful things in your financial life, such as credit card payment due dates and large payments deposited into your account.

Multitouch gestures are used throughout the app, allowing you to drag pages away to get to what you were looking at before, as well as to drill down into the fully interactive pie charts. Sometimes the information inside can be shocking — did I really spend $500 at the same bar over the last six months? Tracking your spending habits, however, has never been so much fun.

There are lots of other nice features like search, passcode lock, and entering and categorizing of transactions for which you use cash or that Mint doesn’t recognize. It even integrates with Google Places, so you can enter business information easily.

Mint has taken the crown as the best of the financial apps for iPad. It’s pretty, extremely useful, and makes it fun to make a budget and be better at spending your money. Head over to the App Store to pick up Mint for the iPad (it’s free) and be more responsible by tonight!