Today’s economy is rough. Almost everyone lives paycheck to paycheck, and even then it’s hard to make ends meet. Sometimes, though, you need a little something for yourself, but you still might find yourself without even enough funds to pay for your purchase. Enter Friendgiftr, a new service that allows users to ask their friend and family to help pay for their purchases.

Friendgiftr works by allowing users to shop on the Friendgiftr Web site, just as they would any other site like or When a user sees an item they want — but can’t pay for — they can send out a tweet, Facebook update, or an email asking friends for help. If a friend or family member steps up and helps pay for your so-desperately needed item, Friendgiftr will reward them with discounts and cash back.

The site also allows users to generate a personal gift registry. However, I’m not convinced Friendgiftr is something consumers or their friends and family needs. If you’re so broke that you need to ask friends and family for financial help, perhaps users should reconsider whether they really need that item — or if they should ask for financial help for more important things and necessities. Unless you have extremely giving friends and family, the “reward” for helping you out is likely less than the feeling that this “help” is a debt you now owe. That, and those you ask for help are likely just as broke as you, and will only be offended by your request to help you buy something trivial. Should you truly need financial help from friends and family, there is always PayPal to help ensure you have the funds you need.

Friendgiftr may emerge as a great alternative to store-specific gift registries, but in light of all-in-one-place retailers like Amazon providing a similar service, Friendgiftr may have a tough market to crack.

Those interested in trying out this new service can visit to sign up for the beta, and be sure to let us know what you think about it. Would you help a friend pay for a purchase using Friendgiftr? Let us know in the comments.